B4 Tatian Corpus of Deviating Examples 2.1

The corpus can also be viewed and queried at HZSK Annis for SFB-632 page.

Corpus overview

DescriptionThe present corpus, the Tatian Corpus of Deviating Examples T-CODEX 2.1, provides morpho-syntactic and information structural annotation of parts of the Old High German translation attested in the MS St. Gallen Cod. 56, traditionally called the OHG Tatian, one of the largest prose texts from the classical OHG period. This corpus was designed and annotated by Project B4 of Collaborative Research Center on Information Structure at Humboldt University Berlin. The present corpus compiles ca. 2.000 deviating examples found in the text portions of the scribes α, β, γ and ε. Each clause structure represents an extra file annotated with the annotation tool EXMARaLDA and searchable via ANNIS, a general-purpose tool for the publication, visualisation and querying of linguistic data collections, developed by Project D1 of the Collaborative Research Center on Information Structure at Potsdam University.
Data ownerProf. Dr. Svetlana Petrova
Prof. Dr. Svetlana Petrova
Keywordshistorical texts, religious texts, information structure
LanguagesLatin (lat), Old High German (goh)
Size11295 Token
LicenseCC BY-NC 3.0 (public)
PID http://hdl.handle.net/11022/0000-0000-9B1E-1
Documentationonline documentation
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