B7 Wolof (web)

The corpus can also be viewed and queried at HZSK Annis for SFB-632 page.

Corpus overview

DescriptionThe corpus comprises out of a collection of texts from discussion forums in the web, randomly chosen for their near-standard like orthography and language, and treating different topics. The texts are translated manually by a mother tongue speaker and automatically tagged by a part-of-speech tagger. No further annotation is provided.
Data ownerDr. phil. Ines Fiedler
Dr. phil. Ines Fiedler
Keywordspredicate-centered focus types, focus
LanguageWolof (wol)
Size15335 Token
LicenseCC BY-NC 3.0 (academic, non-commercial only)
PID http://hdl.handle.net/11022/0000-0000-9B1D-2
Documentationonline documentation
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