The Hamburg Center for Language Corpora (HZSK)

  • Linguistic Corpora Creation and maintenance of the HZSK Repository for sustainable storage and accessibility of linguistic data and services
  • Corpus workflows Providing advice and guidelines for researchers and research projects at all stages of the lifecycle of digital language corpora
  • Corpus (re-)use Active assistance in sustainable data processing, publication, archiving, and further use of linguistic corpora
  • Tools Development of computer-aided tools for corpus building, management, analysis, archiving, and publication
  • Best Practices Development, documentation, and communication of best practices for the creation and provision of corpora

The HZSK provides an institutional basis to ensure the sustainable usability of linguistic primary research data that exceeds temporary research projects. As an association of members mainly formed by different faculties and institutions of the University of Hamburg, the HZSK supports the encouragement and coordination of computer-assisted empirical research and teaching of linguistics as well as adjacent disciplines affiliated to the University of Hamburg beyong the temporal boundaries of individual research projects.

The HZSK can be seen as a facility to support stabilization and coordination of numerous projects at the University of Hamburg that deal with the problems and solutions of handling primary data for research (also see Constitution of the Hamburg Center for Language Corpora [PDF, German version from December 18th 2017]).