Corpus access & licenses

The corpora that are hosted and distributed by the HZSK come with different license restrictions so that depending on the corpus that you are interested in you might have to sign in. After signing in to our website with a valid user account, you can apply for access to a restricted corpus by clicking the closed lock icon closed lock icon and fill in the appearing corpus access form.

Please be aware of the notes in the overview of corpora in the HZSK Repository and on the web page of the individual corpora

Levels of access restrictions for Language Resources at the HZSK

HZSK-PUB language resources can be accessed freely and distributed PUBlicly. The distribution of these materials is not restricted by copyright or personal data protection issues. It is not necessary to provide user credentials to access these resources.

HZSK-ACA language resources can be accessed only for research purposes by ACAdemic researchers. The end-user does not need to ask for usage permission but can access the resources with a valid account from a research institution that is included in the CLARIN trusted domain.

HZSK-RES language resources have additional REStrictions, which require permission from the rights holder. These resources may contain material whose usage is limited due to copyright and/or personal data protection issues. In practice, these language resources require both using a valid account from a research institution to authenticate the end-user and sending a separate application to the rights holder for authorization, possibly including a research plan with the resource.

Most resources at the HZSK are RES resources that have individual access restrictions, in most cases because of privacy law concerns (IPR issues are usually not a problem). While we aim to guide users to create PUB or ACA corpora in their research projects, it is in the "in the nature" of the type of corpora (corpora of spontaneous spoken language) in our repository to have special requirements concerning privacy laws.

Only few of our resources are "real" ACA resources (e.g. HaMaTaC). While the others are also generally freely available for academic audiences, as they are only available upon request they are technically RES resources.

Terms of use for language resources with access restrictions

The data may only be used for non-commercial research and teaching purposes. The data may be used according to the purpose(s) for which access has been granted. The data may not be redistributed in any way.

Since parts of the data are of a personal nature, special terms of use apply as stated in the respective user agreements. When using the corpora, greatest care must be taken not to reveal the identity of speakers to any third party. In particular, in all publications related to or based on this corpus (quoted material, content descriptions etc.), only pseudonyms may be used for names of persons or places.

By downloading and/or using these language resources, you agree to the terms of use and to cite the source as stated when using the data for your own work.

Intellectual Property Rights

Since the HZSK generally does not encounter IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) "issues", there is no specific statement regarding IPR.

Further information can be found at our Privacy Policy and the Hosting Policy.