B4 Muspilli

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Corpus overview

DescriptionComplete text, status: work in progress, digitalization, translation to English, manually annotated with parts of speech, syntactic category, grammatical function, clause status, numbers of syllables (per constituent), information status, topic/comment, position of constituent in sentence, definiteness, focus/background, focus marker, comments, source (bibliography).
Data ownerProf. Dr. Svetlana Petrova
Prof. Dr. Svetlana Petrova
Keywordshistorical texts, religious texts, information structure
LanguageOld High German (goh)
Size909 Token
LicenseCC BY-NC 3.0 (academic, non-commercial only)
PID http://hdl.handle.net/11022/0000-0000-9B21-C
Documentationonline documentation
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