EXMARaLDA Analyse- und Konkordanztool


For a corpus created with the Partitur-Editor and COMA, you can use EXAKT to: query for transcribed and annotated phenomena using regular expressions , view the transcript context for all matches, play the audio or video corresponding to a match, automatically or manually filter and sort query results, correlate query results with speaker or communication metadata, add your own analysis categories to a query result, save query results or export them to other applications (e.g.. Excel). EXAKT can also be used for corpora created with other tools (FOLKER, Transcriber, ELAN).






ResourceName (en-US): EXMARaLDA EXAKT

ResourceTitle (en-US): EXMARaLDA Analyse- und Konkordanztool

ResourceClass: Tool

Version (en-US): 1.2

LifeCycleStatus: released

LastUpdate: 2013-09-11

Terms of Use

By using EXMARaLDA Analyse- und Konkordanztool, you agree:

  • to use the corpus for non-commercial research and teaching purposes only
  • not to redistribute the corpus or parts of it to third parties
  • to cite the following sources in any published work which is based on the corpus

. : "EXMARaLDA Analyse- und Konkordanztool". Archived in the Hamburger Zentrum für Sprachkorpora. Version . Publication date . .