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general corpus / spoken / flk: folklore texts

INEL Selkup Corpus 0.1

Selkup is an endangered Southern Samoyedic language (Uralic family). The INEL Selkup corpus is composed of texts from the archive of Angelina Ivanovna Kuzmina (1924–2002), who gathered a large amount of material on Selkup in almost all regions where the Selkup people lived in 1962–1977. Most texts in the corpus originate from the handwritten part of the archive, the others come from sound recordings made by A.I. Kuzmina, transcribed and translated within the INEL project. Each text in the corpus is provided with morphological glossing, translation into English, Russian and German, annotation of borrowings. Some texts also have annotations for syntactic structure, semantic roles and information status.

Language: Selkup

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (public)

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general corpus / spoken / flkd: folklore texts, Dyurimi

Nganasan Spoken Language Corpus (NSLC)

The Nganasan Spoken Language Corpus (NSLC) has been created as part of Corpus based grammatical studies on Nganasan project (supported by the German Research Grant; WA3153/2-1). The Spoken Nganasan Corpus contains the same text samples in at least three languages: The original text in Nganasan with translations mostly into Russian and English, sometimes also into German. The corpus contains 55 communications from 15 different speakers. The bulk of the language material to be integrated, glossed and annotated has been collected by several researchers and is available in audio format. The transcription data as well as the metadata of the corpus are processed and stored in EXMARaLDA format.

Language: Nganasan, Russian

License: HZSK-RES (restricted)

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